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Employment Support and Resources

Resume writing services today can play a pivotal role in assisting candidates in navigating a job market that is more competitive and complex than ever before. The growth of job boards and technology has provided job seekers with more opportunities to gain job market exposure; but with a cost – more candidates are applying for each available position, at all levels from the entry level to the executive suite.

Many job hunters just like you in all parts of the country report submitting hundreds of resumes and getting few, if any, interviews. The problem, more often than not, is the way in which the job seeker’s resume presents him.

Your resume and cover letter are, in most cases, the first impression that a potential employer will have of you. You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

And, if your resume does not get you the interview, then you will never get the job.

But, the right job will change your life forever.

Assisting candidates at all levels in securing interviews and placing you on the path to BE THE BEST YOU!

If you are seeking free sample resumes, resume samples, or resume templates from which to copy, you needn’t search our site further. Each of our resumes is custom-tailored to the qualifications and goals of the individual candidate. We respect the privacy of our job candidates and will never release information or display a sample of any job seeker’s resume in any form whatsoever.

Crafted by our team, and combined with your direct input and consideration, our resumes, curricula vitae (CV’s), cover letters, and supporting documents are rich in keywords/ buzz words, optimized for search via scanning and database technologies, and focus on your accomplishments and those aspects of your background that distinguish you from other potential job candidates. If you have that perfect job in mind, and come to us with a sample job announcement we not only support you in writing the winning resume, but give you the skills to take your experience to the next level.

Different from free resume templates readily available online, examples of resumes prepared by other services, and candidate-developed resumes, our resumes are created from the point of view of the employer and clearly and compellingly present what you have to offer to their organization.

At Bald Eagle Coaching, we take your future seriously, and even if it is a simple resume, it is our mission and commitment providing you with the following:

  • An articulate presentation of your accomplishments, skills, and qualifications
  • A keyword-oriented resume, curriculum vitae, cover letter, and/or supporting documents custom-tailored to your background, qualifications, industry, and job level
  • Career marketing documents that will help you achieve the right employment opportunity – offering you the right challenge, compensation, and opportunity for career growth and advancement

Stages of Pre-Employment


The first impression for the employer is the application package. The package may include a number of items, however, the Resume is the first document that is considered essential. This document is your employment, educational, and other critical experience documented on paper.

As it is the first impression, it is important that this document is professional, free of grammatical and formatting errors, and presented in a logical format related to the position in question.

The resume we provide will always highlight to show how you can BE THE BEST YOU!



Although professionals may have had years of experience in a particular field, there is always those periods where a transition may arise.

Veterans separating from the military is one common form of career transition that occurs in the workforce. While there are many reasons to investigate a new position or even career path, we will help support you in understanding your goals and career progression. After all, without goal completion, its challenging to BE THE BEST YOU!



Often the most nerve-wracking aspect of a job search process, the interview is a conversation and a mutual discussion between the candidate for an employment position and the organization seeing to fill a role. While it is often overlooked, the interview is a two way conversation in which the candidate also has an opportunity to learn if the organization fits the mold that they are expecting.

We will support our clients with interview practice sessions, covering the questions that may be asked, and what questions they should ask in return. Our goal is to launch you to BE THE BEST YOU!